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19-Year Coding Addiction.

66553_10101095638428875_1745570100_n1cheryl malik was born to two early programmers in the late 80s and, approximately some-teen years later, vowed never to follow in her parents’ footsteps. this proclamation was, of course, despite the fact that she had, starting at 9 & 10 years old, taught herself html (before the days of css, if you can imagine that!) to build ballet- and [‘nsync-era] justin timerlake-centered websites “for fun”, loved both art and methodical precision equally, and had already started an early-days blog, spending hours fussing over the appearance of said sparsely read blog.

2yet her pledge directed her to law school, which promptly revealed itself, after one-and-a-half neatly package semesters, to actually be the absolutely wrong career for cheryl, and, coupled with a rapidly declining market for legal jobs, she left the university of texas school of law to do something with that philosophy degree besides argue for money (she prefers to partake in this past-time unpaid). whilst running a production company and working in sound design, she realized one thing ran throughout even the smallest of her undertakings throughout life: digital design. the food blog she started during law school, the website the production company needed to sell out shows in advance, the graphic design the sound design firm needed to update clients with promotions: all of it led back to the perfect combination of art and methodical precision.

3cheryl began receiving requests for wordpress-based websites, and the rest, as they say, is history. with more than six years experience in wordpress development and thirteen years blogging, she is passionate about building equally beautiful and functional wordpress-based websites for clients in infinitely different industries.


sure, coding from scratch–just you and a text editor–is fancier, maybe, and sounds more exotic to clients. but business changes, often daily, and websites need to reflect that. wordpress offers a perfect solution by being endlessly customizable, robust in delivery, and braggingly simple for the everyday person to update. this means there are no disks to purchase, no software to download, nothing. you can update your business’ “about me” page from your smartphone whilst lying out at the beach; you can change the price of a product from your tablet in the bathtub (just… be careful).

wordpress is also tremendously popular which means three things:

  • tens of thousands of plugins that can do anything from quote “hello, dolly” lyrics at you on the dashboard to offer a fully functional wedding registry using your own products to create a full-package membership portal
  • tens of thousands of fully customizable design themes off of which to base a site, cutting down immensely on hours (and time is money) spent in development
  • to-the-minute security updates and never-ending feature updates

we think you’ll love wordpress just as much as we do and will be surprised at how exceptionally versatile the platform is.


every company needs a logo that fits seamlessly with their overall branding, one that works equally well online and in print. cheryl frequently works with companies to both develop their branding and implement the branding with logo development, web design, and product and accessories design.

sound good? want to work together?

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